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By mapping the merchants, agriculturalists, commercial firms and associations featured in The Chinese Colony in Peru, we can better visualize the extensive commercial networks Cantonese merchants formed across the northern coastal agricultural regions of Peru, their expansion from commerce to agriculture, their strategic movement into the borderland regions of the country, their role in the expansion of a national market integrated with the global economy and the rhizomatic and translocal dimensions of their commercial networks. 

StoryMap 1 offers a comprehensive mapping of the different merchant communities located predominantly along Peru's northern coastal regions, roughly following the spatial organization provided in The Chinese Colony in Peru. Readers can move through the map as a way to explore the individual firms and merchants featured in the album.  Links throughout the map connect readers to the album’s Spanish-language exposés of Cantonese merchants and their firm.


See the StoryMap 1 HERE

StoryMap 2 offers a mapping of the commercial network established by the Lima-based firm Hop On Wing & Co., one of the largest Cantonese commercial firms in Peru and a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based On Wing Chan & Co. It demonstrates how in reading the exposés in The Chinese Colony in Peru for connections between the firms and merchants, readers can reconstruct the formation of particular Cantonese commercial networks as they took form through the movements of firm owners, employees and associates. Such mappings reveal how Cantonese commercial networks functioned simultaneously as structures of mobility and settlement, playing an important role in the formation of a translocal Cantonese Peruvian ecumene.